A look back at 2020


There are endless ways to sum up this extremely unique year.

Although painful for many, it was characterized by an unparalleled sense of resilience and solidarity. And we would like to review the year from this perspective in this article. “So, what was it like for you?”… We regularly replied to this very often asked this question with the standard: “We’re coping”, “We believe”, “We’re still optimistic”… The truth is, we were truly amazed when all our projects and everything we had in the pipeline disappeared into thin air on March 17. Acceptance was our only option… Then a sense of resilience and our fighting spirit kicked in.

Has it left us damaged? Yes, somewhat. Has it left us disheartened? Tired, perhaps, but more ambitious and optimistic than ever.

As we look forward to 2021 and ask ourselves all these questions, we only want to remember one truth. In 2020, we grew. In spite of it all, the year was filled with more exciting achievements than ever, and 2021 already looks set to be thrilling. Above all, because both of our agencies, LAFOURMI and LEROY TREMBLOT, were able to rely on the incredible talent, selflessness and commitment of all our team members. Everyone worked exceptionally well, and this enabled us to deal with an unprecedented situation. We would like to express our immense gratitude and appreciation to each and every one of you. We owe it to you this year! THANK YOU!

Let’s take a look back. Despite all its difficulties here are our highlights from 2020:

  • Major financial gains with Uber Eats, Betclic, the French National Olympics and Sports Committee (CNOSF), LeTrot, France Rugby, UFC (although it wasn’t the best year for it…), the LNB;
  • 14 awards, including the Grand Prix Stratégies du Sport with Uber Eats and Grand Prix Stratégies du Digital with Puma Football;
  • The podcast “Horizon Sport”, launched and hosted by our Deputy CEO Vincent Batigne, featuring over 36 interviews with key figures from the Sports and Entertainment industry so far;
  • A “Faim d’Europe” video with Alonzo and Algerino, which was produced for Uber Eats and OM and received over 2 million views on YouTube in just 2 days;
  • The creation of the “Fédération Française des Sports Confinés” (French Federation of Lockdown Sports) in April, featuring 12 invented disciplines and attracting thousands of fans. Our aim is to close the page in the very near feature, to everyone’s delight!
  • The community-focused show “Sport: the School of Life” by Crédit Agricole which is continuing to grow with its host Teddy Riner, who particularly entertained us in his incredible heart-to-heart with Ahmed Sylla;
  • Valuable discussions took place with our competitors and all stakeholders in the Sport industry, with a friendly atmosphere and mutual cooperation;
  • Two documentaries produced and distributed on Amazon Prime Video: “Only See Great” with Puma and “ Kinshasa: Générations Matuidi” with Players for Society®;
  • To start the year, for the third time Les Echos and Statista included us in the “Champions de la Croissance” (Champions of Growth) 2019 ranking (growth in 2020 is another topic altogether…);
  • New brand identity programs for the Stade de Reims, Prix d’Amérique Races, the Jeux des Masters, the CDES
  • A new Creative Director for LEROY TREMBLOT (Martin Iselt) and a Co-Creative Director (Xavier Yönter), who will be directing creation at LAFOURMI alongside Julien Hablainville;
  • Frenetic film shoots all over Europe, including Claudia Tagbo, Floria Gueï, Laëtitia Guapo, Teddy Riner, Usain Bolt, Neymar Jr., Griezmann, Alonzo & l’Algerino, Florent Manaudou, Ahmed Sylla, Payet, Paganeli, Tony Chapron…
  • 3 babies (congratulations Anne-Ju & Julien, Clément and Rémi and welcome Gustave, Jules and Billie!);
  • A colleague, Louise Amsili, was selected as one of the 30 Young Sports Makers of Global Sports Week 2021;
  • A Co-President, Céline Jobert, who fought like never before alongside Sporsora to have our industry’s voice heard and ensure that it benefits from the support measures agreed for the Sports industry;
  • The popularity of the legendary song “Je n’ai pas changé” by Julio Iglesias, adopted by Uber Eats to celebrate the return of Ligue 1;
  • A Top 6 position for our Co-President Thibaut Cornet in the Choiseul Sport & Business ranking, which celebrates 100 young economic leaders in French sports marketing;
  • “Betclic Dry”, a (real) deodorant that neutralizes sebum particles so that you are at the top of your game without getting your shirt wet. For a “way too intense” Ligue 1, that’s the least we need!
  • We said goodbye to some colleagues, some moving on to pastures new and others who we could not keep on at the agency. We wish them all the very best!!

So long, 2020… We won’t miss you. Hello 2021, we’re watching you, don’t disappoint us!

Here’s to a great year everyone!

latest  news

Wednesday 20 March

With “The Grand,” beIN SPORTS unveils its new sonic identity

Monday 13 March

Ensemble pour les rendre plus fortes

Monday 13 March

Doors Sport, the first Web3 agency dedicated to the sports industry!

Monday 13 March

Franck Gastambide and Cyril Gane are in “Train like me”, season 1 – episode 1.

Monday 13 March

La FFF fait sa rentrée du foot

Thursday 08 July

“Teddy en prise avec” Hakim Jemili for Crédit Agricole

Thursday 08 July

Our agency supports French football with the UNFP

Thursday 08 July

Treat yourself with the Uber Eats “Supplément Marseille” campaign

Thursday 08 July

“Marseille dans le Sang”, the latest Puma campaign !

Thursday 08 July

Our agency supports SailGP with its global promotion strategy

Wednesday 26 May

Discover the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege European League️ like you’ve never seen before

LF2104_Summer_races_IG_TRYPTIQUE_800x400 copie
Wednesday 26 May

LeTROT launches the PARIS SUMMER RACES programme

Wednesday 28 April

PUMA Football and LaFourmi shine with the Spectra Pack

Wednesday 28 April

Paris Saint-Germain puts supporters back in the spotlight

Wednesday 28 April

Crédit Agricole tackles stereotypes about e-sports with Brokybrawks

Wednesday 28 April

Puma and Neymar Jr celebrate creativity with the Future Z 1.1 Creativity

Wednesday 28 April

Puma makes a come-back in the running market

Wednesday 10 February

Neymar Jr. drives them crazy with FUTURE Z

Wednesday 10 February

PUMA Football at the speed of light with ULTRA 1.2

Monday 26 October

“Teddy en prise avec” Ahmed Sylla for Crédit Agricole

Thursday 22 October

“Your matches become so much more intense with Betclic”

Friday 16 October

The Jeep Elite “back for all to see”

Friday 16 October

Crédit Agricole breaks down misconceptions

Thursday 17 September

Discover 4 champions from the PUMA Fam in the Amazon Prime Video “ONLY SEE GREAT” documentary series

Friday 21 August

“Vos matchs deviennent beaucoup trop intenses avec Betclic” (Your matches become much too intense with Betclic): the new Betclic event from LaFourmi

Friday 14 August

PUMA Football goes full speed with LaFourmi!

Monday 20 July

PUMA is launching “À la Base”, a movement to support amateur clubs, created on the agency’s initiative

Monday 20 July

New directions in our agencies!

LaFourmi & Leroy Tremblot

Friday 17 July

Paris launches “A very special summer”!

Monday 15 June

PUMA France reveals OM’s new jerseys for the 20/21 season!

Thursday 09 April

LaFourmi and Leroy Tremblot have created the “Fédération Française des Sports Confinés”

Tuesday 07 April

HORIZON SPORT, the new sport podcast by LaFourmi

Thursday 12 March

Paris Saint-Germain releases its new 20-21 season ticket campaign!

Sunday 08 March

Dimanche Foodball: THE Uber Eats x Ligue 1 Conforama event created by LaFourmi

Friday 21 February

“TEDDY EN PRISE AVEC” Claudia Tagbo for Crédit Agricole

Tuesday 04 February

New award for “The Flow”: PUMA and LaFourmi win Silver in Video of the Year category at Trophées Sporsora du Marketing Sportif 2020

Wednesday 29 January

“Soft power & strong responsibilities. Sport as a key to global issues” LaFourmi’s talk – Global Sports Week

Tuesday 21 January

Following on from the “New Levels” and “The Flow” campaigns, LaFourmi has done it again with the “The Spark” campaign for PUMA Football

Monday 20 January

LaFourmi, Global Sports Week Paris corporate partner (February 5-7, 2020)

Friday 10 January

Uber Eats has launched 100% Massilia with LaFourmi

News_Actualite_Uber_Eats_lance_La_Buvette_des_Chefs_avec LAFOURMI
Friday 13 December

Uber Eats has launched “La Buvette des Chefs” with LaFourmi

Wednesday 20 November

LaFourmi & Leroy Tremblot: Two new Grand Prix Stratégies du Sport 2019 awards

Tuesday 19 November

French team Euro 2020 qualification campaign

Thursday 07 November

The new La Galerie at Paris Saint-Germain Parc des Princes

Wednesday 23 October

“Teddy en prise avec Michel Cymès” for Crédit Agricole

Monday 21 October

The Parc des Princes facade, 19-20 season

Friday 18 October

The Grand Prix d’Amérique is 100 years old: a sensational centenary

Thursday 17 October

PUMA and LaFourmi win Bronze, Grand Prix Stratégies Brand Content 2019, Social Content category

Thursday 10 October

PUMA and LaFourmi win TOP/COM GRAND PRIX, Marketing Section

Wednesday 09 October

New talent at the agency!

Monday 23 September

“Lions-nous pour le meilleur” with France Rugby

Wednesday 11 September

UNFP Player of the Month Trophies are back

Thursday 01 August

LaFourmi wins over the UCI with the “RIDE & SMILE” film

Monday 22 July

Positive Football supports women’s football

Actualite_news_vignette_LAFOURMI_Leroy_Tremblot signent_nouvelle_identite_WEC
Wednesday 17 July

LaFourmi and Leroy Tremblot design the WEC’s new identity

Wednesday 10 July

PUMA Football: in the flow of summer

Monday 24 June

Appointment: Vincent Batigne is joining LaFourmi agency as Deputy CEO

Actualite_news_vignette_Credit_Agricole_celebre_le_sport feminin
Monday 10 June

Crédit Agricole celebrates women in sport!

Thursday 06 June

Stade Français Paris launches its new season ticket campaign with LaFourmi

Monday 03 June

Rugby becomes Crazy at the HSBC Paris 7s / Biarritz 7s!

Vignette_Credit_Agricole_webzine_Le Sport_comme_ecole_de_la_vie_resonnance_nationale_ engagement_societal
Wednesday 22 May

Crédit Agricole : “Le sport comme école de la vie” (sport, the university of life)

Monday 20 May

LaFourmi helps promote the UNFP French Football Trophy Ceremony

Thursday 16 May

Interviews with Legends of the LFP

Wednesday 15 May

Game, set and match with AccorHotels!

Tuesday 14 May

The “11 Type des Fans” of the LFP for Ligue 1 Conforama and Domino’s Ligue 2

Monday 13 May

Crédit Agricole: Get closer to the Women’s French football team for the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™

Friday 03 May

The FFF announces the squad of 23 players for the World Cup!

Thursday 25 April

The final of the Ligue 1 Conforama “Crazyfan” Challenge is online on J+1!

Thursday 18 April

LaFourmi helps LFP with its CSR strategy by producing an animated film in partnership with WWF

Thursday 28 March

PUMA and LaFourmi win Gold at the 2019 Grand Prix Stratégies du Digital awards

Wednesday 27 March

LaFourmi x Danone Nations Cup, world final of the 2019 edition

Tuesday 26 March

Kilian Jornet at the Volvic Volcanic Experience

Friday 22 March

LaFourmi teases the partnership between PUMA and City Football Group!

Friday 15 March

Positive Football® helps Féthi Harek to support orphans in Algeria

Tuesday 12 March

The FFF launches the women’s #FiersdetreBleues (proud to be blue) movement

Monday 04 March

Stade Français Paris launches the PINK SIGNAL, a beam of pink light that invites all Parisians to Jean-Bouin stadium

Thursday 28 February

Stade Français Paris’s first web series

Thursday 31 January

“La Ligue des Talents” TV & movie theater campaign

Wednesday 23 January

A historical nod for Kylian Mbappé’s 20th birthday

Monday 07 January

Advertisers have named LaFourmi one of the most creative agencies of 2019

Thursday 13 December

LaFourmi and PUMA lead the #OlympienDuMoisPUMA (PUMA OM player of the month) program

Friday 30 November

LaFourmi recognized at the 2018 Grand Prix Stratégies du Sport


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